ymes74: Hello!! Is there any pictures of your wife in your posts?

Hi, no, there aren’t any pictures of my wife in my posts.

If you are curious to know she is 1.78 cm (5 feet 10564 inches), blond, green eyes, slim with curves (nice round juicy ass and C-cup breasts), soft full lips, elegant face, small waistline, shaven pussy that gets very wet.

Anonymous: I love your blog and envy your marriage. My wife roleplays this stuff as we watch ir porn and I use a black dildo on her, but I think she will never commit to making it happen in real life sadly. I just wish she would become a total slut for black guys, I literally would love her even more, I would love it if she ended up fucking like hundreds of BBC. Their cock size, plus how many men, is a turn on for me, it's why I love watching ir gangbangs. Can I ask how many men has your wife been with?

Thanks for your kind words. 

For me, the great turn on is the knowledge she is free to have sex with anyone she likes, at the time of her choosing.

She can meet a guy in a business trip and fuck him the same night and never see him again or have a regular lover in our city. I never know if or when she will meet a guy that will spark her interest and this is extremely exciting for me, it always keeps me on edge.

The reality is that she doesn’t fuck lots of guys. She is very selective and she prefers quality to quantity. Since we opened up our marriage 5 years ago she had sex with maybe 10 guys. By the way, I am not counting the swingers parties we used to attend (when we became a cuckold couple we stopped going to swinger parties for couples for obvious reasons) where she would have sex with multiple guys. Some of those 10-12 guys where one night stands while others where more regulars guys. 

What I want to say is that the thrill for her and for me is to know she has the freedom to do it. If she does fuck other guys or not becomes almost secondary.

blackbulls-whitegirls-bliss: Hello hon, I just wanted to tell you that I feel you have one of the very best blogs anywhere dedicated specifically to the beauty of living a Hotwife/Cuckold lifestyle! Your captioned posts & responses to messages, blend perfectly together coupled with your honesty and enthusiasm for this incredible dynamic that is thankfully growing more popular over time. You write with sincerity that is most compelling and thoughtful, & I love that you encourage others to participate in this way of life. :)

Wow, you left me speechless. 

Thanks a lot for your kind words and compliments! They are very important for me, even more coming from a woman.

I’m glad you can sense my sincerity when I reply to messages and the passion I have for this lifestyle. It’s true, there are tons of blogs dedicated to hotwife/cuckolding but nevertheless I felt I had something original to say that was rooted in real life experiences and events.

I encourage people to try this lifestyle because I know it can work, it is desired by many but still, very few have the courage to even bring up the subject with their partner. 

I am anyway extremely lucky that I have found my wife. She is the reason I believe in this lifestyle, she is the living proof that a woman can be immensely in love with her husband, have amazing, fulfilling sex with him and at the same time enjoy guilt-free sex with other guys. 

She is very special for me, my ideal woman and wife, but I am sure there are other amazing women like her in this world. I want to help them and their husbands break the monogamy taboo and let them write their own rules, untainted by centuries of brainwash and manipulations.