Anonymous: I know that Tod needs to be humiliated, but what surprises a woman, surprises me anyway, is how I need to humiliate him. Several of my girlfriends know that one of his employees is fucking me. We agree that this is a woman's choice. 'Do you pee on his face?' 'Have you made him suck Josh's cock yet?' Does he pay for the sort of clothes that get your real man stiff?' These questions tell me women are natural humiliators when a man proves weak. We are instinctive bitches but pretend otherwise! Sue

>women are natural humiliators when a man proves weak. We are instinctive bitches but pretend otherwise!

That’s great to hear a woman’s voice among all the men dominated chatter about what women want and need.

This is one of my favorite fantasies: my wife going to a sex party without me, making me wait at home or outside.

I would be going crazy thinking about who is fucking her, how many cock she is sucking, how slutty she is behaving, how rough she is taking it and so on. 

My imagination would run wild, my cock would be rock hard, my heart would race fast, my mind would enter into a deep subspace where all I could think of would be my wife being fucked by countless men. 

I would struggle between wanting to be at that sex party to watch it happen, wanting to be there to join in and fuck her as well, and even the desire to be there to fuck other women.

But I don’t have to make that decision, I CANNOT make that decision.

My wife has the power to decide, not me, and she chose to make me wait alone, away from it all, with just my imagination and my fantasies.

And I love her for it.

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I love…

I love when my wife leaves me alone at home to go out and fuck other guys. 

I love that she has the expectation of me being her obedient and submissive husband that will wait for her to come back.

I love that she is making the most of the sexual freedom we both decided she should have.

I love that her fuck buddies know she is their slut for the night.

I love that she let them fuck her ass, every time they want, while for me her ass is off limits, apart for my tongue.

I love that she cums with other guys, that they fuck her hard and rough.

I love that she sucks them for such a long time that often I can still taste their cocks in her mouth when she arrives back home.

I love when she says that she doesn’t want to go back to a monogamous marriage.

I love that she feels it is her right to decide if I can have sex with other women but she never asks me permission to fuck anyone.

So many things I love about my wife!

Anonymous: Love your post about coco size and the readers post! I fantasize of my wife taking cock after being seduced in front of me with her knowing I will do nothing to stop it from happening; my wife very pretty and femine and I would love to see a man put his arm around her and tasks her


Good to know people agree with me about the irrelevance of the husband’s cock size in the desire of a woman to seek new sexual partners. 

Of course, it can be a factor but it is not the main one. 

Anonymous: Totally concur with the cock size obsession post! I am into this lifestyle because of the double buzz it gives me. First there is Josh my lover who fucks me in a rough, even a brutal way. He isn't huge but has real attitude about fucking and I need that! Then there is cream pie with my husband Tod. Tod doesn't like it that I chose one of his employees to be my lover, but he has to live with that. I like it when he begs to lick me out and I insist that he email Josh to say thank you for that. Sue

Hi Sue, this is great.

You are a very good cuckoldress!

Please tell us what it feels like having a lover and an obedient cuckold husband.

We, cuckold husbands, live for the idea of making our wife’s sex life the best possible, so we like to hear it over and over how good it is for them!