How I wish my wife used a chastity cage on me

Even though we have talked about it, my wife hasn’t taken the final decision yet to put me in a chastity cage. She is still toying with the idea.

In the meantime I have kept thinking how and in which occasion I wished she would put it on me. I don’t want to be locked in a cage for long period of time and neither does my wife. She would rather use it as a punishment or a reminder on my position in our relationship. So having this in mind, I can think of the following scenarios¬†

  1. When she goes out to fuck other guys, before leaving me at home, she put me in a cage to further reinforce the power disparity between me and her. While she will be fucking some stud in all possible position and enjoying her sexual freedom I won’t even be able to masturbate.¬†
  2. It happened in the past, when I was still allowed to fuck other women, that I slept at a female friend’s house, someone that I really wanted to fuck but still hadn’t managed it. My wife knew my intentions and allowed me to pursue my goal. Now I wish my wife would put me in a chastity cage in those occasions. I wish my wife would talk to my friend explaining the situation and even giving her the key of the cage. Imagine going out with a girl you want to fuck knowing she literally has the power to make it happen.
  3. When we go out dancing, she usually ends up rubbing herself on some stud, letting him cup a feel and even kissing him right in front of me. This makes me very submissive to her and I wish she would add the further humiliation of wearing a cage while she is doing it.
  4. As a punishment for my disobedience she should just lock me in the cage and keep me there until I learn my lesson.
  5. To focus my mind on some tasks she gives me, she should lock me in and only release me after I completed that task. 

Can you think of any other scenario?