Anonymous: How long have you been married? How long have you been in this half open agreement? I'm in the same situation and like your honest answers. I showed my wife your responses and felt like you explained it so well. So much more to ask and say but I'll stop here for now.

We have been married 9 years, we opened up our relationship (fully open) after 4 years and after three more years has become a half-open one.

It has now been two years that I haven’t been with anyone else but my wife, while she has had several regular lovers and one-night-stand.

I’m very happy that you showed my blog to your wife and that you both find it interesting. I would love to hear more from you.

Come off anon and we can chat.

itsallalonggoodbye: So how do you feel about other cuck couple's that the wife refuses to have sex with the husband and basically uses him for money? I think it's terrible, Fetish or not

If there is no coercion and the two parties are willing participants then to each his own kink, I would say.

Can this type of relationship end up being an abusive one? Sure, but also a “normal” one can.

itsallalonggoodbye: I guess you are more open minded than I am. If my wife wanted to Fuck other guys.. I would her... After the divorce

People should be themselves. If you try to be or act like someone else then it is more likely you will live a frustrated life and end up being unhappy.

If letting your wife have sex with other guys would make you unhappy then just live the life of the monogamous couple.

Plenty of people are satisfied by that arrangement. I wouldn’t and my wife wouldn’t either. But that’s just us. 

itsallalonggoodbye: Also. Do you still have sex with your wife? Or is that off limits now?

We have regular sex all the time. Sex between us will never be off limits. 

She loves making love to me, she adores my cock and she cums every time we do it. 

She likes fucking other guys because it is fun, it is exciting and because she can do it guilt-free. Not because she is sexually frustrated. 

itsallalonggoodbye: Aren't you afraid of her getting hurt, pregnant, leaving you got another man. I couldn't handle it if my wife slept with another guy. I'd lose it

She takes all the normal precautions against getting pregnant or catching STDs.

The risk of getting hurt or meeting bad people of course is there, but it is still manageable if someone uses common sense and good judgement.

No human activity is risk-free, so if you want to live a little, you need to tolerate a certain amount of risk and decide how much you are comfortable taking.  

On the other hand, I have no fear whatsoever of her leaving me for another man. She considers her lovers just great distractions to have fun with. The center of her universe it’s our marriage, our family, our intimacy and our complicity. No one else could give her that. 

itsallalonggoodbye: I guess my honest question is. Don't you feel any sort of jealousy and regret from watching your wife Fuck whoever she wants and you have no say?

It is very difficult to pinpoint the exact emotion I feel, it is a complex mix whose ingredients are: excitement, sexual arousal, pride, love, happiness, a bit of jealousy, a twinge of envy, a sense of accomplishment, a desire for her to come back.

All these are mixed together creating a roller coaster of emotions that I love and that only people that have experienced it can fully understand.

The best part though is when she comes back and I look into her eyes and see that she loves me above anything else in the world and that she feels like the luckiest girl on earth. 

That, my friend, is impossible to describe.