Anonymous: Thanks for capturing the psychology of the cuckold lifestyle and also for defending your decision to engage in it. We still live in a sexually ignorant society, full of fear and misperceptions. You're helping to correct that. Good work!

Thanks a lot for your message. 

I completely agree with you. We live in a sexually ignorant society, full of fear and misperceptions and, worst of all, extremely hypocritical.

Monogamy is still preached by the mainstream media, from newspapers to Hollywood, as the only possible way to have a loving, lasting relationship. People are bombarded with this message and if anyone feel that maybe there is another way to live his/her love life they surely must be wrong.

Monogamy is the golden standard of any relationship, the benchmark to which aspire. No other variations would work, all are doomed to fail. They are all substandard versions of the perfect love and happiness that only monogamy can deliver.

Add to this the guilt-ridden vision of the world professed my all major monotheistic religions and you end up with sexually frustrated individuals, countless divorces due to unfaithful spouses, broken families and so on.

I don’t have the arrogance to say that an open marriage or a cuckold lifestyle or any other polyamory variation is the recipe for an happy marriage. I leave this arrogance to the monogamy fundamentalists, the ones that when I say I am in an open marriage they ask me with a disgusted and patronizing face “why did you get married at all then?”.¬†

Instead I just wish that any polyamory lifestyle, with its countless variations, could be openly accepted as an actual possibility to be freely chosen by two persons that love each other and want to form a meaningful relationship. One with the same dignity, respectability and worthiness of any other monogamous relationship.

I think the cage fits very nicely :-)

Now it will be up to my wife to decide what to do with it…and me :-)

The chastity cage has arrived!

Finally, after almost two months of waiting, the cage arrived today, just in time for our anniversary in few days time.

In the meantime, I am trying the different ring sizes and pins to find the optimum set up, even though it is very difficult to put it on when you have an erection :-)

I cannot wait to see my wife’s reaction when I show it to her!