Anonymous: Hello, I have read a few of your blog posts and as my husband and I are new to the "lifestyle" I had a question. Can I ask why you decided to transition from a fully open marriage to you staying faithful to her but still allowing and enjoying her with other men? This falls close to home for me because I enjoy being with other men and he enjoys seeing me with them but I don't entertain the idea well of him being with other women. Btw, Love your blog ; )

Thanks for you message and sorry for taking so long to reply.

Regarding your question, our transition has been like this: 

We used to go to swinger parties where we could be free to explore our fantasies. 
For my wife it was a nice surprise to discover that she enjoys the thrill of casual sex with random hot strangers, the excitement of having sex in a room full of people, and having multiple guys in a same night. For me it was the opposite, I discovered that I don’t perform very well in those scenarios and while at home I never had problems getting and maintaining an erection, at those parties I couldn’t. So very often I would end up just talking with other people, watching my wife having sex, and having generally a great time just like this. Of course this meant that we couldn’t really play with other couples (the other lady doesn’t usually want to only chat while her husband is fucking my wife!) so my wife started interacting more and more with the single guys at those parties. Then she started meeting the same guys outside the parties and then we stopped going to parties altogether. 
Nowadays she finds guys in the same place where regular single girls find them: at the gym, clubbing, dancing, business trips, etc…
In the meantime I learnt that I got a very big thrill by watching my wife with other guys, and when she told me she was going to meet one of them outside the parties, I was found out that was an even bigger turn on. Knowing that my wife was out fucking a guy while I stayed at home, waiting for her. I learnt how great it is to imagine what she is doing and then hearing all the details when she gets back, happy, wet and excited. 
She then told me that she loves that she can go out fucking other guys while I am only hers and that is when we realized we were in a half-open relationship. We both love it, it suits us perfectly.
So I find it very natural that you want the same type of relationship with your husband and I encourage you to try it. You might need to work on it but the rewards are worth the efforts.
Let me know how it goes.

Anonymous: I convinced my girlfriend to fuck my best friend while I watched and I loved it she let him cum in her and I got sloppy seconds

That’s great. 

Do you think it is a one-ff event or that you opened up a new world of adventures for you two (or three)?