Anonymous asked: My wife is still very sexy and feminine and after years of marriage am sure she is bored with my small penis; how do I tell her it's okay to get more cock? How would I know if she already is? How can I tell her I want to also watch on my knees and masturbate while she gets cock?

Follow the advice at this link:

They key is to start slow and talk a lot. The part where you want to watch on your knees and masturbate while she gets cock is probably a bit too much to deal with at the beginning. Leave it for later.

Good luck!

sissiefaggot asked: Do you get to watch at all? I've been able to watch when men would allow it but I would love to watch every time.

I have watched her getting fucked at swinger parties by more than one man at the time (very often I don’t hook up with other girls at those parties) and once we had a threesome at our house with a guy. 

But apart from these occasions, she usually fucks her guys in motels, in business trips or at their house so I don’t get to watch. It is one of the things that I miss the most. Watching her with other guys is amazingly exciting!

Anonymous asked: I guess some wives may cuck their husbands before they dump them, but for me this life is better than vanilla. Once I had weaned John off cock sex, taught him to lick me to arousal before I had sex with other men, and then again afterwards so I could relive the fucking, life has been blissful. Yes I use John. He isn't allowed to fuck me. But that is what he craves. He needs me to be a bitch to him and I need to be a bitch. I've no plans to dump him soon, not when he is such a good pussy boy.

Sound like you are made for each other!